What is Reverse Engineering?

Reverse Engineering is a process in which we generate CAD data from a Physical object, where scanning is the most efficient method to capture complex shapes as compared to traditional method.

Reverse Engineering is most ideal when CAD data of the object is no longer available. Sometimes you don't have access to a part's original design documentation from its original production. Reverse engineering empowers you to analyse a physical part and explore how it was originally built to replicate, create variations, or improve on the design. The goal is to ultimately create a new CAD model for use in manufacturing.

It is a simple process where, the light of optical scanner projects on to the object, and capture of the reflected light by cameras. Repeated scanning at different angles allows gathered information to be converted into a 3D CAD file, which can be exported in various formats.

Our Reverse Engineering Services Include

  • Provide detailed 3D models from physical parts of any product or equipment.
  • Convert 3D scanned data into 3D design file format (Scan to CAD).
  • Advanced reverse engineering services for faster product development.
  • Detailed dimensional/geometric analysis.
  • Recreate new parts from existing parts.
  • Creation of 2D and 3D drawings from point cloud data.
  • Material and surface analysis & Manufacturability analysis.
  • Reverse Rapid Prototyping.
  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) analysis.

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We are also engaged in offering Onsite support and services to all out customers.