What is 3D Scanning?

3D Scanning is a data acquisition system which can scan any physical component irrespective of the material, geometry or size. Today, many companies are demanding 3D scanning services as it is much easier to scan a real-world object rather than designing a new model.

Companies recommending 3D scanning services due to the following benefits:

  • Quickly creates digital images of real world objects.
  • 3D Scanning has very high accuracy and precision.
  • Capture complex freeform surfaces.
  • 3D Scanner can capture very small size objects to large scale objects.
  • Change to different scales and measurements very easily.
  • 3D Scanner can easily extract all the objects dimensions such as length, height, width, volume etc.

3D Scanning is mainly used for 2 major purposes:

The ability of 3D scanning to bridge the gap between physical objects in the real world and the digital design environment has become extremely valuable in a wide range of industries. Cutting Edge Technologies is anAll-in-one solutions provider who have expertise in 3D scanning technology.

We have LATEST 3D white light scanner which can scan components from 15mm to 2500mm size in quick time. The system delivers precise 3D data and can scan the component in different conditions and gives exceptional data quality with maximum ease of use.