Quality Inspection and Analysis

  • 3D Scanning is used widely as most advanced and efficient technique for quality inspection of manufacture dparts.
  • Data acquired from 3D scanning of manufacture dpart can be directly compared to the CAD model from which the part was produced.
  • Advanced quality inspection software have ability to provide 3D colour coded plots with desired tolerance to show basic pass/failareas, 2D cross section profile Campari's on views and also ability to inspect GD & T parameters like parallelism concentricity, circularity etc.
  • 3D white light scanner delivers excellent data quality and high accurate measuring results making it ideal for demanding applications in inspection.

Our Inspection Services Include

  • Verifying component measurements and tolerances.
  • Convert 3D scanned data into 3D design file format (Scan to CAD).
  • 3D model verification for additive manufacturing.
  • Tolerances & Complex Geometry checks.
  • Reports and analysis.
  • 3D CAD comparisons and deviation plots.
  • Statistical process reports.